An Unforgettable Learning Experience

The children we nurture today are the builders of tomorrow. We focus deeply on building the mindset of the children, while teaching skillsets that will benefit them through their lives. From Primary Schools to Universities, we’ve covered it all. We believe in creating unforgettable experience that are bound to excite, stretch and grow the children.


Team Development (for teachers) 

With busy schedules all year round, it is rare for teachers to be able to kick back and simply have fun. Being able to work together outside the usual job scope not only serves to build greater team bonds and foster better communication, it also serves to provide teachers with an opportunity to become kids once again.


Leadership Workshops (for teachers and students) 

Leadership isn’t just about playing games or climbing trees together. It involves building awareness, learning leadership concepts and actively applying them. Leadership workshops can be conducted within school compounds, within a day or spread over several.


Critical-thinking Workshops (for teachers and students) 

Based on Edward De-Bono’s critical thinking skills, participants get an opportunity to put on each of the 6 hats and ultilise them to great effect. Using real-life situations such as teaching children or planning a fun-fair as hands-on examples, participants can look forward to immediate application.


Dreamboarding Workshops (for teachers and students) 

What better way to motivate a person than to tap into one’s own intrinsic desires? At Vinco, we call those desires, dreams. We believe that everyone has the right  to pursue his/her dreams and deserves an opportunity to find that light towards a more fulfilled and self-driven life. This process is what we call the Dreamboarding process.


Creativity Workshops (for students)

With all the academic pursuits, sometimes all a student needs is an opportunity to unleash his/her creative prowess. Participants can test out our creative challenges and learn powerful lessons not only to spark the light of creativity, but to reflect upon our lives as well.


“Shawn has proven himself as an effective trainer for our young children and young adults with his engaging activities to unleash the hidden potential of children and imparting leadership traits and skills to groom children to be excellent leaders in any environment. Children express freely to him and over the years he has become a familiar “teacher” to most of our children. I strongly recommend him to conduct these leadership programmes which lead to develop leadership qualities stepwise over a period of 3-4 years for nurturing children who will be our leaders of the future!”

- Puan Lee Mei Leng, Principal of international school