Culture-related Programs

Culture-related Workshops


Company Team-building Activities

While not a long term solution, team building activities are great in bringing the team together for a time of fun and rapport-building. Getting everyone to work and play together is an important part of building a good company culture. Whether you are looking at organising a company anniversary dinner, a reflective dreamboarding session or a wild game of laser tag, contact us and we’ll do what it takes to make your event a success. We tailor suitable activities for your company in both indoor and outdoor locations.


Social Media Engagement 

The fast-moving world of social media can be daunting even for those familiar with these platforms. Handling your personal social media account acn be a vastly different experience from a brand’s. Learn the tricks of the trade and grab powerful strategies to enhance your brand presence on social media with Qi Yun – social media strategies who has worked with MNCs to startups over the past 10 years.

You can look forward to:

  • Discover what social media platforms work best for your company
  • Learn how you can plan and optimise your content for maximum engagement
  • Gleam basic insights into the analytical world of Facebook
  • Explore proven ways to craft and execute a campaign
  • Get useful tips and strategies to build your company’s brand on social media


Customer Service Excellence 

Each and every one of us serve customers, whether we realise it or not. Maybe you are on the frontline of a company, serving the people who buy yuor products. Perhaps you are an accountant, serving the employees by producing their pay checks and keeping the company running. Or maybe you are a company owner, serving your staff and customers. This training workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve our attitude in the process. Conducted by Jeffrey, trainer and consultant since 2006, this program may  be tailored according to participant profile.

What you can expect from the program:

  • Identifying and addressing a customer’s needs
  • Generating return business
  • In-person and over the phone customer service
  • Recovering difficult customers
  • 10 things you can do to WOW every time


EQ for Leaders – Leading with Higher Emotional Intelligence

In this full-day workshop, participants will be equipped with skills, knowledge and attributes to develop their Emotional Intelligence, thus increasing their effectiveness on the ‘people side’ of leadership. A leader with higher EQ can manage his/her own impluses better, communicate with others more effectively, manage change well, solve problems quickly, and use humor to build rapport in tense situations. These leaders also have empathy, remain optimistic even in the face of adversity, and are effective at educating and persuading their teams in their workplace. Conducted by Jeffrey Williams, a trainer who has worked with numerous organisations across the region.

At the end of the workshop, you can expect to:

  • Identify benefits of emotional intelligence at the workplace
  • Understand the 6 seconds EQ model
  • Explain why EQ matters in organisational leadership
  • Relation emotional intelligence to the workplace
  • Become more aware, intentional and purposeful


NLP Sales 

Imagining master the ultimate secret to increase your sales revenue by 20%-30% over the next 12 months! Leveraging on the foremost human change technology of the 21st century Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), it allows you to add an unfair advantage to your ability to sell, persuade and influence. Master cutting edge tools to overcome your fear of selling, over chronic procrastination, turn up the trust level and conquer the close. Learn the essential and proven skills to sell to some of your most difficult prospects ever, influence with integrity and persuade with power.


  • Develop confidence and motivation in selling
  • Understand complex human mental process and overcome buying resistance
  • Build rapport with your customers and establish critical buying trust
  • Master powerful persuasive techniques to excel in the sales presentation
  • Learn precision question tools for objections handling and increase sales conversion ratio


NLP Public Speaking 

Would you like to learn the secrets of simple yet powerful strategies to conquer your fear of public speaking? Would you like to understand basic human motivation to increase your influence during business presentations? For nearly 45 years, NLP has been proven as a consolidated system for success. Used by countless great orators like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Blair and Steve Jobs, NLP is extremely effective as it considers both conscious and sub-conscious decision making process as well as the inner neurological motivations of human beings. In this fun and enriching workshop, you will practice simple yet powerful techniques used by world champion speakers and get insider tips and tricks that only professional speakers use.

What will you gain from the program?

  • Uncover simple yet powerful NLP strategies to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Bypass the Critical Faculty and persuade audience with minimal resistance
  • Build rapport and win audience’s trust effortlessly
  • Structure your thoughts and communicate with purpose
  • Master simple techniques to think on your feet and handle impromptu speaking


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Culture-related Consultative / Executive Services


Social Media Driven Marketing Campaigns & Customer Engagement 

Turn social media platforms like Facebok, Instagram and Youtube into relentless marketing marchines to let your brand and company culture rise above the noise. Reach out and turn your fellow customers into raving fans with our social media tools and expertise. we craft and execute exciting socail-media driven campaigns to bring your brand to the masses. This is most suitable for companies looking to increaes online/offline customer outreach and continued engagement with fans on social media.


Customer Service Evaluation & Consultation 

Customer service is an important aspect of business running as it helps to attract and retain customers. By placing customer care and concern as a priority in the company, your staff will become ambassadors for the brand. Through evaluation, consultation and targeted training,  we seek to empower your staff to uplift service levels and cultivate a “service orientated” mindset.


Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is key to understand the profitability of your business units and increasing profitability. Discover how you can increase profits through financial assessment, planning and budgeting, manage cashflow and working capital as well as plan for business growth.


Legacy Planning

Our team will walk you through the available tools to protect key personnel within your company and ensure your company continues its legacy to provide good value to your employees and customers. By naming your company as beneficiary, capital injection into the company due to unforeseen circumstances can allow your firm to survive and continue functioning, even in the loss of a key partner.


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