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Company Culture

Company Culture – An Organisation’s Driving Force

The future of any organisation can be foretold in its culture. You can sense it the moment you step inside your favourite retail stores. The attendant chirpily greets you with a smile. They look you in the eye and exude an aura of sincerity and respect. The staff happily engage customers and team-mates, while delivering top performance – a culture of sincere customer service.

Cultures transcend hierarchy. Tremendous success stories of companies such as Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Alibaba and Ritz Carlton all have something in common. Majority of their employees share the same corporate values. These successful service-driven companies have formalised their purpose and values, and team members who don’t embrace these values don’t stay. They are intentional about their workplace inspiration. They don’t leave their company culture to chance. What these top companies do is to make workplace inspiration as important as performance and profits.

Just as you can sense a customer-focused culture when stepping into your favourite retail store, you can easily recognise a close-sales-no-matter-what-it-takes culture in another store. Leaders of companies and organisations need to keep a sense of how their business is operating, not just how it is performing. Most leaders look exclusively to profits and KPI. As a leader looking to create an inspired work environment, you need to be intentional about developing your Company Culture.


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The Invisible Hand

Your company culture is the invisible hand the drives the thoughts and actions of your people. In effect, the invisible hand powers the economy of your company. Creating a good company culture increases virtually every desirable aspect of your company while decreasing undesirable ones.

Company culture has been well researched for many years by world-class scientists. Below are the cultural benefits that the invisible hand of company culture has influenced. Your company can benefit from it too.




Create A Strong Work Culture For Your Company

To suit your company’s varying needs and intensity, we’ll craft a unique  Company Culture Development Program just for you.  A full Company Culture Development consists of 5 overlapping modules, as shown below. Each module will be crafted according to the needs of your company.

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The Culture Development Philosophy

Loving the Glow, Not the Spark

Good Culture Development is a long term process that requires years to cultivate. There is no quick-fix method to it and it is not always fun and exciting. In fact, the development of your company culture likely means that there will be some changes made to the way your company runs. Some people may welcome the change and take this golden opportunity to make a difference. Some others may become frustrated and question the need for change. However, most will embrace the change and appreciate the great benefits that comes.

Look for a sustained cultural development for your company, a glow that lasts.


Customized Programs

Every organisation is unique. There are many factors that can and will influence company culture. From our Company Culture Evaluations, we can  cut through the clutter and dive straight into the core. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. We believe in keeping things simple and efficient. Let’s discover what is really needed, take away the fluff and spend more time doing real work.


Align People, Empower Systems

Contrary to popular belief, the continuity of your company culture does not truly empower people. Rather, it empowers structure, a system based on your company’s values and direction, to drive people.

First we align your team to your company’s values. Then we empower culture development systems to reduce conflict, increase efficiency and ignite happiness. In the Vinco Culture Development Program, we utilize systems so that you can continue to develop your company culture to greater heights. Leaders of differing capabilities will find it much easier to lead when culture development systems are put into place.

Start Young(er)

The younger you start investing in the character of your company, the greater (and easier) returns you will receive. Do not wait till the moment of desperation, change will be difficult. Company culture development is most effective when the company is young and minds of people teachable. The older a company gets, the deeper its habits are entrenched, the more difficult it is to reverse the damage and the greater the opportunity cost. Gain an advantage by starting now.


Company Culture Specialist

Company culture is organic. It is always developing and changing. Leaders need to continuously prune and trim to keep a good consistent culture. As leader, you already have tons on your plate. Why not work with a specialist? Great companies hire  culture development specialists to ensure happiness and productivity of their employees. Spend your time and energy generating even more revenue for your business, leave the culture development and sustainment to us.


Retreats & Teambuilding Activities

While optional, culture development retreats have been shown to get the company staff up to speed quickly. Employees feel more aligned to company values and have better communication with their leaders. Culture development retreats are deeply encouraged and take place in sync with the company’s annual retreats. Meanwhile, teambuilding activities help to develop rapport and understanding between company members. These set a strong foundation for culture development.


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 ”I used to run my company on ‘trial & error’ management approach and faced many challenges with my staff. The Vinco team was detailed and also very personal in their work with us. With good structure put in place with Vinco’s help, I’m seeing great unity and energy in my team!”

Loh Cheng Wu – Director of IT Services Company