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4 Types of Companies

Must we always have a strongly defined work culture and a strong work culture? Well, let us explore. Companies typically fall into one of the four categories below.     A strongly defined culture means that the company has clearly written down its business philosophies, goals and mission. There is high alignment in what each company[...]

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Company Values – Make Them Useful

Most companies have a set of company values/principals/philosophies which was crafted to help them guide their business decision and work culture. The intent is undeniably great, but unfortunately most company values become nothing more than ‘ideals’ mentioned during company interviews and audits. A wide number of companies have values such as ‘Excellence’, ‘Honesty’ and a[...]

work culture

Work Culture – Ceding Control To Gain Control

  Many have already made their own conclusions about what it means to manage and lead in the ‘Manager’ vs ‘Leader’ debate.   One of the greatest difference between a leader and a manager is this: Managers seize control to gain control. Leaders cede control to gain control.   Most managers micro-manage and set in[...]

work culture

Work Culture Fit and Skills Fit

Every employee under your care can be assessed under two very broad categories. Work Culture-Fit and Skills-Fit.   The employee who is the perfect culture fit for your company is an advocate of your company’s philosophy. He/she holds the company values close to his heart and lives it. An employee who is a good culture[...]

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Words & Company Culture

According to David Logan, author of Tribal Leadership, words and actions of employees are the most telling of company culture. After all, these are the most observable characteristics. Allow me to illustrate further by asking a few questions.   Are your staff more likely to say. “This rule was told to us by the management.[...]

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What Is Company Culture?

Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.” Indeed, wherever you can find a group of people interacting with one another (or not), a culture exists. In the workplace, where we typically spend 1/3 of our lives at, company culture is often the factor that decides our[...]

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4 Stages To Build A Company

Met up with 2 millionaire multi-business owners this morning and we chatted at length about Company Culture systems and growth phases of companies. With regards to building a company, there are many different models out there, each one to its own merit. One model which is popular around the world can be found here. It[...]