About The Founder – Shawn Yeo

Shawn Yeo Shawn Yeo is a work culture development specialist. Shawn Yeo left his job as a Top Coach in a private academic coaching firm in 2013, after representing the company in the Singapore Education Summit 2011, authoring 2 books and developing an academic-based learning app.

Through 10 years of working as a trainer and coach since 2003, he realised the importance of creating a social environment that supports the drive, creativity and inspiration of the people he worked with. He discovered that simply by improving the culture of a company, important factors such as sales output, manpower turnover and quality of work changes for the better. Having worked in a company with exceptional culture , Shawn Yeo began his experimentation and crafted a system to allow the company’s culture to thrive and develop further.

To date, Shawn has worked with numerous organisations such as AIA, Prudential and EDB, as well as educational institutes such as NTU, SMU and JCUS.

With great success, Shawn rigorously tested the culture development system with newer teams and organisations. The Culture Development Program allowed these teams to continue reaping tremendous benefits over time. With the belief that the Future of a Company is determined by its Culture, Shawn Yeo  became the Founder of Vinco Global Pte Ltd in 2013. His belief is shared by many successful entrepreneurs, including Jack Ma and Tony Hsieh, both of whom focused massively on culture development in their companies.

Today, Shawn Yeo works hand in hand with teams and organisations looking to create happier work environments and achieve significantly higher ROI from a consistent Culture Development System.